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Sowing Seeds

Did you know there are many different ways we sow seeds everyday?

What seeds are you sowing today? Are you aware that your thoughts and actions have temporary and eternal consequences, both positive and negative?

Let’s see what the Bible has to say on this issue.

Galatians chapter 6, verses 7-10 in the Passion Translation read like this;

Make no mistake about it, God will never be mocked! For what you plant, will always be the very thing you harvest. The harvest you reap reveals the seed that was planted. If you plant the corrupt seeds of self-life into this natural realm, you can expect to experience a harvest of corruption.

If you plant the good seeds of Spirit-life, you will reap the beautiful fruits that grow from the everlasting life of the Spirit.

And don’t allow yourselves to be weary or disheartened in planting good seeds, for the season of reaping the wonderful harvest you’ve planted is coming! Take advantage of every opportunity to be a blessing to others, especially to the brothers and sisters in the family of faith.

Let’s also read Galatians 6:7 in the New King James Version;

It reads like this;

Do not be deceived, God is not mocked, for whatever a man sows, that he will also reap.

An example of sowing and reaping, would be like when a farmer plants a mustard seed, he would expect a mustard plant to grow. A farmer wouldn’t plant a mustard seed expecting a watermelon vine to grow.

Likewise, our thoughts and actions will produce fruit of the same kind. If we sow seeds of love and kindness to those around us, we can expect to reap this in our own life.

The reverse is also true, if we don’t follow God’s instruction, and we sow sin, we can expect to reap the consequences of that as well.

It’s important to read the Bible, so we can learn about Jesus, and then strive to become more like him.

We should practice selflessness, by putting others needs before our own. Examples of this could be by sowing seeds of kindness, and giving someone an encouraging word, or text, or buying someone a coffee, baking something for a friend, or a neighbour, there are countless ways to sow good seeds.

When we plant seeds that are pleasing to God, he takes notice of this, and he will multiply those seeds in our own lives.

So be mindful of the words you speak, think of them as seeds that you’re sowing. Only speak words that will bring a good, and bountiful harvest into your life.

Let’s say a quick prayer together:

Lord,we thank you for your teaching of sowing and reaping. Help us always to be mindful of the types of seeds we are sowing. Open our eyes to opportunities around us, to sow good seeds, and to be a blessing to those around us at all times. We pray this in Jesus mighty name, amen.

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